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Report Now Available: China Animal Aquatic Products Industry - Investment Research Report

Aquatic products industry is one of the earliest sectors that carried out market reform. At the beginning of the reform and opening up, from the fundamental national condition, China established the development guideline of giving priority to aquaculture, reforming operating and management system, adjusting industry structure, increasing infrastructure investment and enhancing resource conservation to walk out a development road of aquaculture that features Chinese characteristics. From 1978 to 2010, the total output of fishery industry has rose to 53.72 million tons, increasing 10.5 folds in China, at the same time the per capita consumption has grown to 39.2Kg, increasing 7.2 folds, which is twice of the global average level, realizing the historic shift from catching-focused aquaculture industry to breeding-focused industry. The proportion of aquaculture production in the total output of aquatic products increased to 71% from 26%, and the aquafarm extended to various provinces in western regions from central east areas. Since the reform and opening up, the fast development of export-oriented fishery industry, the remarkable improved internationalization degree and the increasing capability of using market and resource at home and abroad have become the primary characteristics and result of the development of the industry in China.

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Deep-sea fishery started and leaped into the front ranks of the world, export-oriented fishery developed rapidly, the export of aquatic products rose to 13.83 billion USD in 2010 from 40-50 million USD at the beginning of reform and opening up and the growth rate of export was 5% higher than that of farm produce during the same period. Since 2002, China aquatic products export has become the worlds number one, accounting for 10% of the total trade value of the world. The import volume of aquatic products has increased to 3.822 million tons from 58 thousand tons, growing 59 folds, with annual average growth rate of 14%, especially after Chinas accession to WTO, the export trade entered into a faster development period and formed a international trade pattern that combining exporting domestic aquatic products and processing with imported materials, which promoted the further development and the structure optimization of aquatic products production and improved the international competitiveness.

With the increase of residents' income, more and more persons of middle and high-income class were not satisfied with ordinary aquatic products and began to consume high value-added aquatic products, especially brand aquatic products, such as deep-sea abalone, Yangcheng Lake steamed crab, prawn and eel, which are not only the profit growth point of aquatic product enterprises, but also the hotspot of investment. 
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BOABC has accumulated full and accurate data about aquatic products industry for several years; at the same time, the company has established good relationship with MOA, aquatic product department of various regions and relevant associations. The researchers of this report are professional analysts who feature excellent industry background and high quality and provide guarantee for the specialty and practical applicability of the report. 

The report makes analysis on each links of the industry chain, such as production, processing, consumption and trade, and interprets the subdivided industries. Through integrating industry data and lots of research information, the report will help investors and other related persons to learn the development of the industry fast and have an insight on investment hotspot and hold future development trend. It is a good choice for the persons who pay attention to aquatic products industry. The data about the top 100 aquatic products enterprises has great value to enterprises and investment and financing organizations that want to enter into China aquatic products industry.

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