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Chinas Tailored Flour Industry Report Available at MarketResearchReports.Biz

Since the Opening and Reform policy was adopted, Chinas economy has witnessed a period of rapid growth. The overall economy and per capita level are all on rapid growth. It is estimated that the GDP in 2011 shall reach 47.7 trillion Yuan and the GDP per capita shall reach 35,397 Yuan. The per capita disposable income of urban residents shall reach 21, 820 Yuan, while the net income of farmers in the rural area shall reach 7,150 Yuan. Especially, a high-income class with the annual income of 1 million Yuan also comes into being. The communication between the East and West is more frequent, with the interaction of cooking culture deepened.

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All the above factors are boosting the changes in the cooking and consumption habit as well as the food structure of Chinese people, urging Chinas flour processing industry to form, develop and upgrade the tailored flour industry.

Up until 2010, Chinas consumption of tailored flour reached 3,859,700 tons and the flour supplied for special purposes reached 2,530,000 tons, increasing respectively by 79.94% and 192.01% than that of 2002, which changed the structure of flour consumption and motivated the upgrading of flour industry, bringing more investment opportunities.

The future five years shall be the crucial period of Chinas construction of well-off society, in which the income level, living standard and consumption structure of Chinese residents shall be changed greatly, further promoting the rapid development of Chinas food industry and restaurant industry, bringing better opportunities for the development of Chinas tailored flour industry.

This report summarizes the many years experience of BOABCs analysts in the flour industry, demonstrating a higher standard based on the series of grain industry reports.

On the basis of analysis on the development strategy of flour enterprises in recent years, the researchers of BOABC further investigates into the demand and supply of tailored flour in China and makes an in-depth analysis of the development experience and lessons of key tailored flour enterprises.

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Meanwhile, in view of Chinas social and economic development period, this report estimates the development strategy of Chinas tailored flour industry, and searches possible paths for the upgrading of the competitiveness of tailored flour processing and even the entire flour processing industry, trying to provide reference for the further development strategy making of flour enterprises, as well as reference for the decision making of enterprises and institutes that intend to invest into the flour processing industry.

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