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China Tinplate Market 2013-2017 - Tinplate Industry Share,Size,Analysis,Research,Investment And Forecast 2013-2017 : MarketResearchReports.Biz

Tinplate has good corrosion resistance, a certain degree of strength and hardness, good formability, and is easy to weld. Tin layer is non-toxic and tasteless, can prevent iron from being solved into wrappage, and the surface is bright. It is mainly used in food canning industry which followed by chemical paints, oils, pharmaceutical, sprays, bottle caps and many other daily necessities packaging.

In recent years, the rapid growth of the metal packaging industry in China has led to increased demand. According to related statistics, most Asian countries have strong demand for tinplate, hitting record height. Especially in China, the growth rate of annual demand volume has reached to 15%, which indicates that Asian region has huge potential demand for tinplate. According to statistics, in recent years, the annual output of the domestic tinplate is growing at 8%; the annual output of tinplate was 2.5521 million tons in 2010; the number was 2.731 million tons in 2011; the number was about 3 million tons in 2012.

Currently, the main application areas of tinplate are food, drinks, grease, cosmetics, and packaging industry, and it is also gradually applied in electronics industry. According to statistics, the consumption of tinplate in the domestic food, drinks, spray can accounted for more than 50% of the total consumption of tinplate.

The domestic tinplate production capacity is expanding rapidly; the newly built projects are mainly concentrated in North China. According to the incomplete statistics, since 2011, the tinplate production capacity under construction was 2.55 million tons, of which 1.6 million tons were in North China, accounting for more than 60%.
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This report conducts an in-depth market investigation on Tinplate, mainly analyzing the market scale, market competition status, import and export situation, the business performance of key manufacturers. Besides, it also makes a forecast of tinplate development.
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