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China Coronary Stent Industry 2013-2017 - Coronary Stent Market Analysis,Forecast,Research and Development 2013-2017 : MarketResearchReports.Biz

In 2008, China finished more than 180,000 PCI surgical cases (percutaneous coronary intervention); the stent system which was used in PCI surgeries also increased to 298,000 sets in 2008 from 40,000 sets in 2002 as for the usage quantity. Since 2011, the increasingly fierce market competition has decelerated the stent system growth rate. In 2012, the usage quantity of coronary stent was about 633,600 sets and the market scale reached CNY 3.15 billion.

According to the data from the Ministry of Health, China Customs, Surgical Instrument Professional Committee of China Association for Medical Devices Industry, Chinese Society of Cardiology and some other professional associations, Huidian Research released "Research and Development Forecast of China's Coronary Stent Industry, 2013-2017", which mainly analyzes the market scale, demand status, competitive landscape, business performance and market share of key enterprises; on this basis, this report also provides professional investment opportunity and risk analysis, as well as scientific development prospect of the coronary stent industry.

The characteristic of this report is the summary and detailed analysis on the latest industry policy, measures and specific implementation, which can help you understanding the industry policy environment completely.
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Table of Contents

1. Overview of Coronary Stent Industry
1.1. Definition
1.2. Classification and Application
1.3. Structure of Industry Chain

2. Overview of Global Coronary Stent Market
2.1. Development Overview
2.1.1. Technical Development
2.1.2. Market Progress
2.2. Coronary Stent Market in Major Countries
2.2.1. The United States
2.2.2. Germany
2.2.3. Japan
2.3. Development Trend, 2013-2017

3. External Environment of China's Coronary Stent Industry
3.1. China's Macroeconomic Environment
3.1.1. Economic Development Status
3.1.2. GDP
3.1.3. Investment in the Fixed Assets
3.1.4. Total Export-Import Volume and the Growth Rate
3.2. Policy Environment
3.2.1. National Related Policies
3.2.2. Main Supervision Standards, Laws and Regulations
3.2.3. Comment on Policy Measure Implementation

4. Overall Development Status of China's Coronary Stent Industry, 2012
4.1. Development Overview
4.1.1. Product Characteristics
4.1.2. Pricing Mechanisms
4.1.3. Marketing Channel
4.1.4. Promotion Method
4.2. Development Status
4.3. Product Price
4.3.1. Price Review, 2009-2012
4.3.2. Price Trend, 2013-2017
4.3.3. Factors Affecting the Price and the Coping Strategy
4.4. Competitive Landscape
4.4.1. Domestic Enterprises Occupy the Leading Position
4.4.2. Gaps between Domestic Enterprises and Foreign Large-scale Enterprises
4.5. Business Model

5. Import and Export of China's Coronary Stent Industry, 2010-2012
5.1. Sources of Import and Destinations of Export
5.2. Import and Export Data, 2012
5.2.1. Import Volume
5.2.2. Import Price
5.2.3. Export Volume
5.2.4. Export Price
5.3. Forecast of Import and Export, 2013-2017
5.3.1. Import Forecast
5.3.2. Export Forecast

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