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China Beef Consumption ,Production and Circulation Analysis Report Available at MarketResearchReports.Biz

China is the world's third largest beef-producing country whose beef production is mainly for the purpose of self-sufficiency, with very low volume of import and export; in terms of varieties, there are very few beef cattle varieties, the beef cattle raised are mostly the local yellow cattle breed; currently, beef is mostly meat at room temperature, chilled and fresh meat, frozen meat and meat products; in terms of slaughtering, the Chinese beef cattle slaughtering is mainly based on slaughter by the individuals, and there are less large-scale slaughtering enterprises; in terms of consumption, the outdoor consumption and household consumption account for major proportion, and the urban resident consumption is in the majority. Beef cattle farming is mainly concentrated in agricultural areas, the amount of beef slaughter in agricultural areas accounted for more than 80% of the country, mainly concentrated in Henan province, Shandong province, Hebei province and other places; beef cattle breeding in pastoral areas are mainly concentrated in Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang and Gansu provinces.

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Since 2008, the beef cattle industry in China has been affected by rising cost of breeding, reduced rural labor force, and insufficient number of cows, the beef cattle amount of slaughter and on hand and beef output are low in the long term, and have not yet restored to the highest historical level. On the other hand, the improvement of household consumption level and changes in dietary structure show steady growth momentum, especially the consumption of beef processing products and outdoor consumption. This contrast between supply and demand highlights the investment value of the beef cattle industry.

From the farming link, the decline of the proportion of beef cattle free-range breeding accelerates, with evident scale breeding trend. Slaughtering and processing industry is also faced with huge integration potential. On the whole, China's beef industry is in the transition period from developmental phase to the growth phase, and there are challenges and also opportunities in the beef cattle industry.

Based on the current status of China's beef cattle industry, combined with the structural analysis of the whole industry chain, this report conducts in-depth study of the status quo and trend of Chinas beef consumption, production and circulation, and tries to answer the following several questions concerned by industry insiders, and help the readers better understand the business growth point of the beef cattle consumption market.

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1. How does the beef consumption growth potential change in the next five years and ten years?
2. How does the proportion of beef product consumption by the Chinese residents to the meat product consumption change in the next five and ten years?
3. What development trend will Chinese beef processing industry present in the next five and ten years?
4. How the beef imports in China and the prospect of high-grade beef consumption will change in the next five years and ten years?

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